Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The rules for domestic happiness

The rules for domestic happiness

The rules for domestic happiness are few and simple. He who runs, may read. They are mighty. We can but admire the effects produced in a Christian household by such maxims and precepts as these!

1.  Be humble. "Pride only breeds quarrels." 
2.  "Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit." 
3.  Find your own happiness in trying to make others happy. 
4.  Mind your own business. Do not be meddlesome. 
5.  Beware of a fretful, suspicious, or censorious temper. 
6.  "Overcome evil with good." "Bless and curse not."
7.  "Love one another deeply, from the heart." 
8.  Do not magnify the trials or afflictions of life. 
9.  Beware of sloth. There is no greater enemy of peace and happiness. 
10. Make it your business to serve God. 
11. Keep out of debt. "Owe no man anything." Loans breed bad tempers and harsh dispositions.
12. Keep the ultimate purpose of life in view — to glorify God. This will repress many vain wishes and chasten immoderate desires. 
13. Let your prayers be frequent and fervent. 
14. Never listen to scandal nor backbiting. 
15. Do not grieve or worry over things which cannot be helped. 

16. Set the Lord always before you. Seek His glory. Do and suffer His will with readiness. Let Christ be all and in all. Trust in the Lord forever. 

(William S. Plumer, "Sinners Saved by Unmerited Kindness")

Know Jesus, Know Joy (Part 1)

Our country (Philippines) was once again hit just recently by typhoon. The world still remember typhoon Yolanda which hit the lower part of our country especially Tacloban which was almost wipe out by storm surge and brought great devastation to life and means of livelihood. You can see people suffering from the aftermath of such calamity. Damaged properties, lost lives and no means of livelihood. People are on their knees begging for help. There's a mass exodus of people going to Manila and other places thinking that they will die if they will just stay there. Rebuilding the place and even the lives of people affected by the typhoon will take not just year but years. Some people think that there's no more hope in that place. A question came to my mind, how can anyone find joy in such circumstances? People often mistook happiness from joy and joy from happiness; but the two are different from one another. Happiness is a fleeting emotion which is often the result of an outside factor - it is based on external circumstances while true joy swells up from within - an outcome of something internal. That even in the  midst of difficult circumstancesyou can rejoice because you have that inner sense of peace, hope, strength and contentment.How can you rejoice in such difficult circumstances? How can you be joyful in a chaotic world? The answer is no secret =) If you know Jesus, you can know joy and you can have that true joy. The book of Philippians is a great study of joy. The word joy and rejoicing can be found in the four-chapter of the Apostle Paul's epistle many times. What is more interesting is that Paul wrote the letter while he is in prison in Rome and chained to a Roman soldier. Interesting indeed! What is it that Paul know that rise above his circumstances to be joyful?  (to be continued....)

Motherhood is a Blessing


               Motherhood is a Blessing

                 One night before going to bed I asked my almost three-year-old-son what will be his little brother’s second name ( I am 7-month pregnant and we have Josiah as the baby’s first name). My son seems to be thinking and then blurted out “Bear” “Josiah Bear” and laughed out loud. I and my husband could not help joining him in laughing. I can’t help myself from laughing because of the way he said it and the way he laughs. Oh my boy! =)

                That’s one great moment of being a mother. Motherhood is a blessing and really fulfilling. At the end of the day even if I am so tired, a glimpse of my son’s smiling face can wipe away all the tiredness and weariness of the day. I am actually excited and looking forward to the day when I can spend my whole day being at home and just look after my growing family. Right now I am working at a government office but will soon resign (after giving birth) to take care of my “will be two sons”. It will be financially challenging being my husband as the sole provider of the family’s (financial) needs but I believe it will emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. I have been longing for the day where I can just stay home like an old-fashion woman who tends to her family personally. Some women prefer working outside the home and that isn’t bad since they are contributing to the financial needs of the family (I have been doing it ever since) while some women prefer to stay at home to personally look after their family. I have been working for eleven years now since I graduated from college and almost three years of it was spent working while my mother looks after my son. It is difficult especially when my son started talking.

                One day, I am about to go to work I told him, “Bye Joash Paul, Mommy’s going to the office now, see you later”. My son replied, “No, Mommy stay in the house only”. That statement pierced my heart and it made me realized that my son needs me to be there. Really be there for him. Grandma is okay but he needs his mother. I almost cried right there and then at that time. It takes a lot of courage not to give in at that moment. I just told my son, “Soon my son, soon, mommy will not leave for work anymore and will stay here with you”. I went to the office that day thinking about my son, my husband… my family…

                I know I’ll be facing a great challenge ahead but by God’s grace I will be able to fulfill the duty of motherhood that God bestows upon me.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome! =)

Welcome to my blog! I am glad you drop by today. I hope you will find what you are looking for and be blessed. So please sit, stay for a while and join me in this journey =)

This blog is just about anything from my journey as a woman who wants to please the Lord and be after His own heart to being a wife to being a mother. and everything in between those things. 

I do not claim to be expert on anything. The posts you will find here are quotes I found through my readings, from my personal experiences and opinions on matter that matters to me.  I just want to share the joy I have in everything that I do.