Sunday, February 28, 2016

A New Journey

Many times I tried so hard to be up to date in publishing new posts here in my blog but poor me I couldn't keep up. With my husband finally commissioned to be the Pastor of a mission church, we basically come and go from our house to the mission place.

I know there will be great adjustments and some difficulties and lots of challenges ahead of us but on top of that I am actually excited to what God has prepared for us in that new place. Being a missionary family and a missionary wife post great responsibilities but I know that God had chosen us to be in that place and God will enable and will qualify those He had chosen.

We had been living in two places and sleeping in two houses for the past months since we did not fully move in yet to the new place. We are here in our old house (staff house actually of the church where my husband is working) during weekdays and go to the mission place on weekends. It’s not that far but sometimes travelling is a challenge if we won’t go early in the afternoon of Fridays. No taxi will say yes to us especially if they see that we had tons of loads =) (that’s because we are slowly gathering and moving our things and we carry what we can every time we go there).

So those are the things that are going on with me and this family of mine for the past months. And so now we love what we are doing and loving the new place and loving the new journey God has given us.

And I am excited to tell you all that finally we had our first Ladies Fellowship last Saturday. We are using Myrna Alexander’s After God’s Heart Bible Study Series on Loving and Obeying God based on the Book of 1 Samuel. It’s a great study and as a Christian Woman it is my desire to be a woman after God’s heart. I am happy that God had given me the privilege to lead a Bible study as part of our church’s ladies ministry.

We finish our first topic, Coping with Pain where we study how Hannah coped up with her pain of being barren and for being constantly ridiculed by her adversary. We learn some Biblical ways and principles on dealing with painful and difficult situations. We also discover about faithfulness both of Hannah and of God.

And one thing I could not shake off is the principle that when we are facing life difficulties, we should turn to God first not to anything or anyone else and just give Him our emotions and tell Him everything. Oftentimes we seek relief in life’s hardships by turning to people, friends and relatives or by going out and relaxing instead of facing them and laying them at the feet of Jesus first.

So there goes my week =) Thanking and Praising God for His blessings! =)


  1. How exciting Jang! May God bless you with wisdom as you begin this new journey!

    1. Thank you ma'am Jes =) been searching around your site and looking for that honey cinnamon recipe for cough, i lost the copy i made before =)