Tuesday, May 3, 2016

22 Mother's Day Ideas

22 Mother’s Day Ideas Every Mom Would Love To Have

            With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might be wondering what to give or what to do on this special day. Below are some ideas that would surely make every mother get teary-eyed on this special occasion. Don’t forget the hugs and kisses to go along with these ideas =). 

  1.  Top 52 of your favorite memories you made together. Include why they are your favorite. Mom could read this for the next 52 weeks until next Mother’s day.
  2.  A video of children/grandchildren singing to them or giving them messages.
  3.  Personalized jewelry with her favorite Bible verse.
  4. A book from her favorite author.
  5.  A video of the husband greeting her if she’s a military wife.
  6. Cook her favorite dish and had a blast celebrating Mother’s day at home.
  7. Gift cards for her to buy what she wants.
  8. Bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  9. DIY gifts she would have never thought you could make.
  10. Breakfast in bed! Yes she would love that!
  11. Doing the week’s laundry =)
  12. Stylish scarves.
  13. A collection of her favorite herbs arrange in a mini garden for her kitchen.
  14. That one thing you think she’s been longing to have but just could not.
  15. A quilt with all the handprint or footprint of all her children/grandchildren.
  16. Bookmarks with a picture of children/grandchildren.
  17. Love letters from the kids or grandkids hidden in unexpected places around the house.
  18. A super mom declaration printed out with photos of kids/grandkids.
  19. A card with greetings from all member of the immediate family.
  20. A box of things she’d collected over the years about you, like your first cut hair, your nails, your bracelet from the hospital, the one baby clothes you worn that she’s been hiding all those years.
  21. A video or record of you singing her favorite song.
  22. A list of 22 things you love about her printed in a card and put in a gift box.

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